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Young people’s art studio: Upcycling chairs 2.0 (fully booked)

Young People

2:30 TO 5:30 PM


All workshops are suitable for young people ages 11 and up

Direction: Micha and Sylle Oberhaus

The classic chairs in the Erholungshaus are getting a bit old, but you can give them new life with some fresh ideas and imagination. This recycled seating doesn’t even have to be used for its original purpose. In art anything is possible.

General information:
A professional will guide you and your fellow artists in learning about new materials and techniques. There are no limits on your inspiration of one another's imaginations. Are you familiar with guerilla felting? Have you made photo transfers before? The workshop includes all the supplies you need to make your own art pieces. Start the year off with a jewelry workshop. You can use beads or metal – or both – to design your own good luck charm for 2020. Also: in Upcycling 2.0 you can learn how to turn an old chair from the Erholungshaus into an eyecatching accent for any room. Other spring courses options include making collages and exploring the print workshop. Each course in the workshop introduces a new theme, and each class can be booked individually.

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