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Wintergarten Varieté Berlin: TAKE IT EASY! Hits & Acrobatics (sold out)


A roadtrip to the roots of rock & pop

Wintergarten Varieté Berlin
Director: Frank Müller

This event is sold out. 

Wintergarten Berlin is one of the world’s most magnificent theaters practicing the high art of variety theater. Exuding the glamorous charm of the 1920s, it thrills the public with artistically ambitious, exciting, and fascinating programming. The individual performances include top-class entertainment, music, dancing, and acrobatics. All of it is inspired by their motto: Come as a guest and leave as a friend. – Take It Easy! reflects both the feeling that the world is spinning faster and faster and the growing desire for a slower pace, purity, and truth. In this show, free spirits make music and dance in an extraordinary performance. Inspired by folk, country, rock, and pop, the tableau on the Wintergarten stage is constantly changing. Artists, dancers, musicians, and singers from around the world celebrate an ideal place, far from the daily grind, and take us away on a musical and acrobatic journey. It’s a festival for the senses with songs by acts ranging from Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Fleetwood Mac to the Dixie Chicks, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran. Erez Frank and his live band carry this rousing, stunning, energy-filled evening.

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