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    Ronald Zehrfeld: Ungeduld des Herzens (Beware of Pity)


    Writing in exile, Stefan Zweig meticulously describes Austrian society shortly before the outbreak of First World War in his 1939 novel “Beware of Pity” (literally “Impatience of the Heart” in German). Cavalry lieutenant Anton Hofmiller is attending a party hosted by the Baron Kekesfalva, a Hungarian Jew, and commits a fateful faux-pas… Ronald Zehrfeld was still a student at the renowned Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts when he was brought to the German Theater in Berlin by Peter Zadek. One of the best-known film and television actors of his generation, Zehrfeld was awarded the German Movie Price for best supporting actor in 2016 for his performance in the justice drama “The People vs. Fritz Bauer.” Among other projects, he currently can be seen in the TV series “Dengler,” where he plays the investigator of the same name.

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