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    Ragna Schirmer


    Ragna Schirmer is not just a fan of Clara Schumann, but also a true expert. Even as a schoolgirl, Schirmer was fascinated with the life of the famous musician and treasured her talent. In celebration of her 200th birthday, Schirmer has undertaken an extraordinary project, where she plays not only Schumann’s compositions, but also other works that were favorites of Schumann’s as well as ones she heard performed or played herself. Who would have thought that Clara Schumann performed a number of times in what were Elberfeld and Barmen at the time. Ragna Schirmer is a virtuoso in her own right. She is the first pianist to win the Bach Competition in Leipzig twice. The French director Ariane Matiakh said this about her: “Ragna’s intensive confrontation with Clara gave me the feeling that Schumann was at the piano herself.”

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