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    Oh, This Void, This Unspeakable Void


    By Joachim Meyerhoff
    Stage adaptation by Gil Mehmert
    Metropoltheater, Munich
    Director: Gil Mehmert
    Music: Stefan Noelle
    With: Vanessa Eckert, Lean Fargel, Thorsten Krohn, Sophie Rogall, Tillbert Strahl, Nicolas Wolf, and Lucca Zuchner

    Only price categories 1 + 2 are available for this theatre evening.

    Joachim, in his early 20s, tries to escape the confines of his small hometown in northern Germany and his grief over his older brother’s accidental death by taking on a civilian service position in Munich. On a whim, he auditions for and, much to his surprise, is accepted to the Otto Falckenberg School of the Performing Arts. Unable to find an affordable room to rent, he moves in with his grandparents, who live grandly in an old villa by the Nymphenburg Palace park. He then spends three years in a balancing act between his training as an actor – where he is torn down psychologically and physically by the art, and then pieced back together – and the fabulously eccentric, bizarre, and alcohol-soaked world of his grandparents. The voids waiting everywhere for Joachim in his young adulthood are – as he realizes – massive and will not be filled for a long time yet.

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