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National Youth Ballet


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In October 2018, the National Youth Ballet (BJB) returns to the stage of the Erholungshaus with a richly varied program. Under the artistic direction of John Neumeier, the young company’s new cast will perform among others the original creation “Dumbarton Oaks” to Igor Stravinsky’s composition of the same name and a multi-piece work, “BJB Songbook – What We Call Growing Up,” which premiered in 2017 in Hamburg.
Set to live music and telling the story of growing up through dance, “BJB Songbook – What We Call Growing Up” includes choreography from young artists like Marc Jubete, Sasha Riva, Yuka Oishi and Kristian Lever, with creations by the dancers themselves woven into new arrangements of pop and folk songs of the last decades.
There is likely to be a piece from John Neumeier himself and, if all goes according to plan, the debut of an aspiring new choreographic talent.

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