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    Nanine Linning Dance Company: Endless Song of Silence


    Choreography: Nanine Linning
    Music: Arvo Part, Henryk Gorecki, Joep Franssens

    Nanine Linning, a native of the Netherlands, was the house choreographer at Scapino Ballet in Rotterdam from 2001 to 2006. She took over as artistic director of Dance Company / at the Theater Osnabrück in 2009 and moved to Heidelberg, where dance did not yet enjoy such wide popularity, four years later. She creates total works of art with her choreography, addressing basic human instincts, desires, and emotions, and concentrates on building bridges between art and audience. “Endless Song of Silence” is based on two earlier works. This epic production originated as a duet in 2006, before being reworked in 2013 into an evening-length production with 10 dancers. Nanine Linning takes a fresh look at this theme, surprising us with her distinctive, dynamic script and each dancer’s unique technical virtuosity in this autumn 2019 performance.

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