Die Mobilés present: Moving Shadows


    Eight people, a screen, plus lights and music – you don’t need more for a dreamlike journey around the globe and through the fantasy world of Hollywood. With delicate images reminiscent of the finest silhouettes, the artists, dancers and mime artists ensnare their audience. With astonishing precision and amazing lightness, Die Mobilés create a poetic picture-gallery of flowing bodies, whirling spiritedly into the light and disappearing again into the mysterious depth of the room. At the world’s largest comedy festival “Juste pour rire” (Just for Laughs) in Montreal, they thrilled not only the live audience and TV viewers but also the judges. They won two of a total of six prizes, the “Creativity Prize” and “Winner of Hearts,” a feat not achieved by any other group in the 30-year history of the festival. Hats off!

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