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Monty Python´s Spamalot (instead of Rocky Horror) (cancelled)


Musical from John du Prez (Musik) & Eric Idle (Musik, Buch & Liedtexte) - performed in German 
Musical director: Sebastian Undisz
Director: Peter Rein
Stage design & costumes: Xenia Hufschmidt
Choreography: Lea Hladka
Script: Oliver Lisewski

With: Manfred Ohnoutka, Tobias Bode, Benjamin Paul Krüger, Felix Meusel, Mario Gremlich, Friederike Serr, Feline Zimmermann, Hubertus Brandt

Band: Sebastian Blache, Gregory Nemirovsky, Jürgen Plato, Tommy Thomann, Fabian Timm / Christoph Undisz

Prices: 36 Euro | 33 Euro | 26 Euro

"Spamalot" - the musical, re-tells the legendary story of King Arthur and his round table and is about knights and their strange heroic deeds. The model is the now classic film comedy "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" ("The Knights of the Coconut").

The mysterious title (the word "Spamalot" will not be found in any dictionary) has its origins in the film, which says: "We eat ham, and jam and spam a lot." Spam canned meat is meant, not Viagra advertising on the Internet. In a lovingly meant parody of the history of the Grail, canned food is no less anachronistic than the Internet and its plagues.

"Monty Python's Spamalot" has been playing on Broadway since March 2005 and has won three Tony Awards so far, including for the best musical. Director Peter Rein, who last directed the "Blues Brothers" at the Vorpommern theater, staged the anarchic comedy for the stages of the Vorpommern theater.

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