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Marialy Pacheco (sold out)


En el Camino

Piano: Marialy Pacheco

Prices: 10 Euro

Youth: 5 Euro

Brunch starting at 10:00 am, plus 17.50 Euro | 8,75 Euro for brunch

There is no program for Cuban pianist Marialy Pacheco. She improvises her performances based on the mood and atmosphere of the room, presenting a mix of original compositions, jazz standards, and Afro-Cuban pieces.

Pacheco, who was born in Havana, grew up in a musical family and learned classical piano. She later studied composition and took up jazz. Pacheco is unique in many respects. She is the only woman among Cuba’s celebrated star pianists. She is the first and only female jazz pianist to be named a “Bösendorfer artist,” and she is the first woman ever to have won the Montreux Solo Piano Competition at the famous jazz festival, in 2012. The jury based its decision on her authenticity and joy in performing, which remain her signature today. Her interpretation of musical tradition strikes a balance between sobriety and technical sophistication on one hand, and a lighter, Caribbean spirit on the other.

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