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King Ubu


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Father Ubu is incited to murder the king by his power-crazed wife, Mother Ubu. He deviously massacres the entire royal family and usurps the Polish crown. From the throne, Father Ubu covertly pursues his goals: wealth and power. All the nobles are executed in the “de-braining machine” and their property is expropriated; the judges are dismissed, and the financial system is reformed through the imposition of exorbitant taxes. The people do not stand for such insolence for long… Alfred Jarry’s absurdly comic play about base instincts, avarice and abuse of power was seen as a massive scandal when it originally opened in 1896 and today is viewed as an important forerunner of modern theater. “King Ubu” shows the prototype of the egomaniacal bourgeois, of the impudent tyrants, whose tracks cross conspicuously through history right up to today.

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