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  • Sunday, March 22, 2020, 11:00 AM

    Erholungshaus, Kulisse

    This concert is sold out. Information by 0214 30-41283/-41284.

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Kallimotio Trio (sold out)


Saxophone, clarinet: Sven Decker
Double bass: Matthias Akeo Nowak
Drums, Garrahand: Christoph Hillmann

Prices: 10 Euro

Brunch starting at 10:00 am, plus 17.50 Euro | 8,75 Euro for brunch

The drummer and percussionist Christoph Hillmann is a man of many talents. He performs with prominent jazz and world music artists, and his sounds provide a backdrop for radio plays and dance choreography. He’ll introduce us to a special instrument, the Garrahand, that has only existed since 2007. He says that its qualities and beautiful sound are reminiscent of the slit drum, kalimba, and handpan. For Hillmann, an additional perk is that the Garrahand can be easily tuned and connected to amplifiers and loop stations. This means that modulation is never a problem, inspiring him to create new compositions with very different tunings.

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