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    HEEN (sold out)



    As we went to print, only the instrumentation had been set:
    Guitar, double bass, keyboard, drums, vocals

    “... If it ain’t got soul, then it don’t mean a damn thing to me.” The hat sits loosely atop the head of red curls; the hand rests easily on the microphone stand. The congenial singer commands the room with his voice, which penetrates deep into his listeners’ bones.

    HEEN is known for engaging songs with catchy hooks – some humorous, some deeply moving. HEEN thrills his audience with emotional melodies, laid-back grooves, and cool raps, making them feel as if they are experiencing something unique. HEEN shows that soul – as diverse as it is – is a fundamental form of music that brings sounds to life. In his eponymous solo debut, HEEN presents the soul music that moves him and us. What they say is true: You gotta have soul!

    HEEN was a finalist in the Future Sounds competition at the 2018 Leverkusen Jazz Days.

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