Die Widerspenstige (from the original „The Taming of the Shrew“)


Nach William Shakespeare
unter Verwendung von Motiven des Romans „Die störrische Braut“ von Anne Tyler
Übersetzung: Rainer Iwersen
Spielfassung: Ralf Siebelt, Simone Sterr

bremer shakespeare company
Regie: Ralf Siebelt
Bühne, Kostüme: Heike Neugebauer
Musik: Jojo Bueld
Video: Iris Holstein
Mit: Svea Meiken Auerbach, Simon Elias, Tim Lee, Erik Roßbander, Nora Wolff

(New date for the cancelled representation originally scheduled for May 24, 2020)

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Strong women from history encounter a modern digital cat fight. When a naked picture of Scarlett turns up on the internet, everyone decides that she is a slut. Who established this pecking order? – For some girls, their time at St. Helen’s girls’ school is the best time of their lives, but for Scarlett it’s pure hell. She will always be “the slut” no matter what she does. But when a naked photo of Russell also makes the rounds, everyone lionizes him for being a stud... No one is interested in Scarlett’s report on the history of women’s liberation anymore. But through all this she finds the power to go her own way. – This staging by Grimme Award winner Brigitte Maria Bertele of the multi-award-winning piece Girls Like That asks why female bodies – in contrast to male ones – have been targets for others’ judgment since time immemorial.

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