The largest stage downtown

Forum Leverkusen

The Forum Leverkusen has been used regularly as a venue by Bayer Arts & Culture since it was opened in 1969.

Forum Leverkusen

The Forum is the Cultural Affairs Department’s second venue in Leverkusen

The Forum Leverkusen is Leverkusen’s central event venue and conference centre. The downtown building includes a large auditorium where well-known theatre companies, orchestra, soloists and dance companies give guest performances. Bayer Arts & Culture has used the Forum regularly as a venue since it was opened in 1969. It is known beyond the borders of Leverkusen: every year in the autumn, for example, the international Leverkusen Jazztage, one of the most important festivals of its kind in Europe, is held here.

Forum Leverkusen
Büchelter Hof 9
51373 Leverkusen


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