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  • Thursday, February 13, 2020, 11:00 AM

    Erholungshaus, Großer Saal

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For school classes:
Das Dirigentenduell


Free of Charge

For grades 3 to 6

Ödön Rácz (double bass) 
l´arte del mondo
Conductors: Werner Ehrhardt and Thomas Helfrich

The Conductors’ Duel enters its third round. How will Werner Ehrhardt and Thomas Helfrich do this time? Once again we ask why conductors are needed and what they actually do. Why do they wear tails and constantly wave a baton about? And what are measures? What is involved in making good music? Can anyone direct just using the notes and measures in the score? In this entertaining concert with musical accompaniment from our orchestra in residence l’arte del mondo (and as special guest Ödön Rácz), the two conductors investigate these questions, each in their own way. At least two months before the concert, our website will offer suggestions for preparing children in class for the concert. And children who are interested can try conducting for themselves on the day of the event. It’s great fun for everyone!

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