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    Ecce Prometheus (premiere) // Remaining Tickets


    akademietheater ulm

    Director: Peter Radtke
    Assistance to the director: Maria Wagner
    Costumes: Susanne Schanz
    Stage design: Günther Brendel
    Emsemble: Yazan Alnakdali, Laura Becker, Michael Becker, Daniel Blum, Jan Dziobek, Theodoros Tsilkoudis

    ca. 2 hours 15 minutes (inkl. )

    The Titan Prometheus steals fire from the gods and gives it as a gift to humanity. As punishment for this crime, Zeus, the king of the Olympian gods, has him bound to a rock for all eternity, where an eagle would feed on his body daily. Writer and director Peter Radtke, born in 1943 with brittle bone disease, is the most famous actor in Germany with a disability. In his latest project, the farce “Ecce Prometheus,” Radtke brings the familiar motifs of ancient mythology to the societal issues of our time. An impressive evening that should be seen by all.

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