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Dezsö Ranki


Joseph Haydn: Sonata B-major Hob XVI/41, Sonata Es-major Hob XVI/49
Maurice Ravel: „Menuet sur le nom de Haydn“, Sonatine
Béla Bartók: For Children, 1. Booklet (version 1945), „Romanian´s Christmas carols I-II.“ (1925), Suite op. 14 (1916)

Piano: Dezsö Ránki

Prices: 26 Euro

Since one of our two themes for the 2018/2019 season is “degenerate art,” Béla Bartók is among those on our program. Bartók, a Hungarian composer and one of the more important representatives of 20th century music, opposed National Socialism from the very start and refused to play in Germany after 1933. Bartók’s music, however, was not banned although only played reluctantly. Ravel fits in this context as well. Bartók’s music contains a number of impressionist movements that can be traced back to his friend Ravel. Dezső Ránki, one of Hungary’s best pianists, presents both composers as well as selected works by Joseph Haydn.

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