Corona protective measures

Regarding the current corona protective measures, our events may take place again. Please note the following rules and measures:

Returning travellers from risk areas
We would like to point out that all persons who have stayed in a risk area according to RKI within the last 14 days are obliged according to the valid protection ordinance to contact the health office responsible for them and to point out their stay in a risk area.

In case of symptoms of a respiratory disease
Visitors with symptoms of illness are asked to stay away from the events. Our house staff is responsible for the house rules and is required to turn away visitors in case of reasonable suspicion.

Minimum distance
Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m from other guests in accordance with the valid Corona protection regulation.

Mouth and nose protection
Wearing a mouth and nose protector is mandatory throughout the house. Please wear it up to your seat. As soon as you are seated in your assigned seat, you may remove your mouth and nose protector. Please also wear the mouth and nose protector in queues and when using the sanitary facilities.

Hygiene rules
Please disinfect your hands at the provided hand disinfection dispensers. Please also adhere to the proven sneezing and coughing label.

Path concept
In order to counteract opposing streams of visitors, we have developed a walking path concept. Please pay attention to our wayfinding system, distance markings and path markings.

Traceability measures
In accordance with the Corona Protection Ordinance, we are obliged to record the contact details of all visitors and keep them for four weeks. (Privacy Statement) Together with your admission ticket, you will receive a note from us for contact information. Please fill out this slip of paper at home, bring it with you to the event and throw it into the box provided in the entrance area.

The cloakrooms are currently located on the 1st floor.

You will receive a seat assigned to you. Please find this seat as soon as you enter the venue. Due to traceability, changing seats is not permitted.

Price category
In the event of a corona-related reallocation, the entitlement to the seat category acquired and to the seat thus acquired shall lapse. Instead, you will be allocated a new seat.

Sanitary facilities
Access to our sanitary facilities is limited. Please respect the rules of distance and plan for possible waiting times.

Our events take place without breaks.

Event cancellation
We would like to point out that events may be cancelled at short notice due to changes in the incidence of infection.

The neighbouring restaurant Kulisse is open for you during evening events in the hall two hours before the event begins. Seating capacity is limited due to seating requirements and distance regulations. We therefore recommend that you make a reservation: or 0214 43680. In the restaurant, beer garden and on the way to the restroom it is mandatory to wear a mouth-nose protection. You may remove the mouth and nose protection at your seat. In order to ensure that the chain of infection can be traced in case of suspicion, we are obliged to record the contact details of our guests and keep them for 4 weeks. The counter in the break foyer will remain closed until further notice.

For the use of an elevator inside the building please contact our hostesses.

Service personnel
Please follow the instructions of our hostesses. They will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Questions about tickets already purchased
All tickets already purchased for the postponed events remain valid for the catch-up date. If you prefer to return your tickets or have any questions, please contact the contact persons in the ticket office during opening hours: or 0214 30-41283/-41284.


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