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Compagnie Georges Momboye: Empreintes Massai


Choreography: Georges Momboye
Music: Manuel Wandji

Prices: 36 Euro | 33 Euro | 26 Euro

Georges Momboye is a vanguard of contemporary African dance in France, and he has also been invited to Leverkusen twice, where his works have been performed before enthusiastic audiences. Momboye created “Empreintes Massai” (Masai Footsteps) in 2011, taking his inspiration from the culture and traditions of the Masai tribes of Kenya and Tanzania. Eight athletic dancers transform the stage into the African steppes, compellingly and passionately performing the traditional customs of the Masai. The choreography faithfully portrays the Masai dancers’ energetic, skyward leaps and also incorporates elements of breakdancing and hip hop. “Strength and vulnerability stand in opposition, […] reaching for the sky and searching for roots […] balance and imbalance,” comments Momboye about the evening. A masterful mix of tradition and modernity.

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