Family performance: Es begann so... (Once upon a time...) Illustrated storytelling

    By Eva and Paul Schmidtchen
    Compagnie Les Voisins
    With: Eva and Paul Schmidtchen

    Stories take everyone, whether our children and grandchildren at bedtime or us grownups who need a little break, on journeys to visit other lives, stories, and worlds. There’s more than one way to tell a story, including radio plays and films. Eva and Paul would like to invite you and your whole family to the theater to experience their illustrated storytelling. Imagine a man and a woman standing on either side of the world’s smallest theater – a folding picture frame. When the light goes out in the hall and the spotlight hits the stage, Paul and Eva Schmidtchen will transport you and your children to their story-world with their many illustrations and a grab bag of voices, sounds, and music. For a little while.

    Ohrenbetäubend (Earsplitting)
    A small noise tries to find out who it belongs to.

    Krokus, Kirschen, kalte Ohren (Crocus, Cherries, Cold Ears)
    A little cloud’s journey through the seasons.

    Wenn Herr Kumul singt (When Mr. Kumul Sings)
    Ms. Hedgehog is visited by a bird of paradise.

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