Laterna Musica: The Clarinet and the Book of Dreams

    9:00 am and 11:00 am

    For grades 3 to 6

    Clarinet: Ib Hausmann
    Piano: Christoph Ullrich

    A cave explorer discovers a crystal cavern where he finds a curious treasure chest that contains only The Book of Dreams. A mysterious Pierrot turns up. Won’t he speak “normally”? Can’t he speak “normally”? Why does he speak only through his clarinet? The explorer tries to solve the mystery. Through the thrilling story, the two professional musicians show what can be done with musical instruments. Ib Hausmann makes his clarinet laugh, cry, and even speak. Without saying a word, he speaks through the sound of his instrument – “clarinetish,” if you will – and it’s a safe bet that everyone will understand him immediately.

    As always, the show will be preceded by a workshop for teachers, which is recommended especially for those who are teaching outside their subject area.

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