Kindergarten performance: Across the vast ocean – Musical treasures from three continents

    For children ages 3 to 6

    Violin: Zsuzsanna Czentnar
    Violin, percussion: Martin Ehrhardt
    Cello: Rosa Canellas
    Piano, accordion, percussion, singing, hosting: Ulrich Kisters

    Bayer Arts & Culture in cooperation with l’arte del mundo and KulturStadtLev

    On this musical journey around the world, the wind blows us out over the open ocean, leading us to foreign lands and opening our ears to new and fascinating soundscapes. We come ashore on two continents and a small island, whose inhabitants play music that sounds strangely familiar to our ears.

    The audience sings the familiar folk song, “Winde wehen, Schiffe gehen,” which takes on an African, Asian, or Classical flavor, depending on the destination. The children can accompany a Ghanaian folk song on African rhythm instruments and a Korean one on cymbals and gongs while learning about the qualities that make each style of music special: lively African rhythms and fine Asian sound meditation. The sound of European Classical music offers up a contrasting perspective with two pieces from Georg Philipp Telemann’s Gulliver Suite for Two Violins, “theatrically presented as Liliputian music,” as Ulrich Kisters describes the program he designed.

    He recommends that children practice the folk song “Winde wehen, Schiffe gehen” in preparation for the concert.

    A companion-piece concert “Sterne singen – Flöckchen klingen,” organized by KulturStadtLev, will take place on December 1, 2019 at 3:00 PM at Schloss Morsbroich.

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