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    Water Drops on Burning Rocks

    By Rainer Werner Fassbinder
    Deutsches Theater Berlin
    Director: Philipp Arnold
    With: Bernd Moss, Daniel Hoevels, Natali Seelig, and Franziska Machens

    Leopold takes Franz to his apartment, and they have sex. This initially meaningless encounter turns into a committed relationship. Franz leaves his fiancée Anna and moves in with Leopold. Little by little their love is eroded by the petite bourgeoisie around them. Their desire for each other continues to wane, false power games destroy their trust, and they use each other to make their own pain more bearable. Leopold and Franz enter into a spiral of reproach, self-assertion, and shame. In the end, Anna tries to win Franz back, Leopold brings his ex-girlfriend Vera into play, and ultimately, they all sleep with each other. The orgy ends tragically. They all want each other, but nobody gets to be happy...

    On page 52 of our magazine, you will find an interview with Leverkusen-born director Philipp Arnold and his mother, Roswitha Arnold.

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