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    Alexej Gerassimez & Percussion Group: Genesis of Percussion

    With works by Alexej Gerassimez, Minoru Miki, Maurice Ravel, Casey Cangelosi, Eric Whitcare, Iannis Xenakis, and Peter Tchaikovsky

    Alexej Gerassimez, Lukas Böhm, Richard Putz, Sergey Mikhaylenko, Julius Heise

    At his 2019 New Year’s concert, Alexej Gerassimez proved to skeptics that drums can succeed as a solo instrument on many different levels. This time, he’ll be able to let loose and show us all he can do. The fundamental idea behind Genesis of Percussion is the creation of sounds and rhythms from our everyday surroundings. Cooking pots, keyrings, newspaper, gravel, and body percussion are all put to good use. The musicians develop complex sound worlds that draw from the entire panopticum of the percussion world – from the smallest to the largest drums; from Asian and Latin American instruments to vibraphones, marimbas, and xylophones, often accompanied by electronic sounds. The evening draws energy from the rapid changes between different instrumentations – solo, duo, trio, quartet, quintet, electronics – and from elaborate interactions with the audience.

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