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    Bayer-Philharmoniker & Xavier de Maistre

    Alexander Mosolov: Concerto for Harp and Orchestra (1939)
    Peter I. Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 1 in G Minor, op. 13 (“Winter Daydreams”)

    Harp: Xavier de Maistre
    Direction: Bernhard Steiner

    Xavier de Maistre can easily be counted among the world’s top harpists, but it’s not only his technique that impresses audiences. It’s just as fascinating how he has expanded the repertoire – by taking famous concertos for other instruments and transcribing them for harp, or by reviving forgotten works. Alexander Mosolov’s harp concerto from 1939 is an excellent example. Just in time for the composer’s 120th birthday in 2020, de Maistre hopes to lift the concerto from obscurity with a new recording. It’s an honor and a thrill for the Bayer-Philharmoniker that de Maistre would like to perform this work with them beforehand in the Erholungshaus. Alongside this concerto – stylistically comparable to compositions by Shostakovich – the “winter daydreams” symphony by Tchaikovsky is a fitting choice for the second half of the concert.

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