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Christian Friedel & Woods of Birnam: Searching for William / Excerpts


The concert on October 20th can be visited by everybody who is interested in, of course - not only by youth people.

A Shakespeare reading and concert

By Woods of Birnam
In English and German, with German and English subtitles
Voice, piano, speaker: Christian Friedel
Guitar: Philipp Makolies
Double bass: Uwe Pasora
Keyboards: Ludwig Bauer
Drums: Christian Grochau

Prices: 36 Euro | 33 Euro | 26 Euro

Youth: 5 Euro

Please note: Strobe-light effects used during the performance could cause a seizure under certain circumstances in those who have epilepsy or seizure disorders.

Together with his band Woods of Birnam, actor Christian Friedel has created Searching for William, an impressive and acclaimed mix of concert, theater, installation, and radio play following in Shakespeare’s footsteps. At the heart of it all is the joy of experimentation, mixing old English with modern pop music. Singer and actor Christian Friedel performs songs as well as monologues and passages from various works by Shakespeare. An evening with surprising perspectives, an unconventional feel, and a variety of musical genres. Searching for William is a truly magical performance.

An interview with Christian Friedel is on page 42 of our magazine.

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