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Christian Brückner & Elbtonal Percussion: Moby Dick - A Concert Reading


By Herman Melville
Speaker: Christian Brückner
Elbtonal Percussion: Andrej Kaufmann, Jan-Frederick Behrend, Stephan Krause, and Sönke Schreiber

Prices: 28 Euro | 26 Euro | 20 Euro

The press has dubbed him “The Voice.” Christian Brückner is one of the best-known and most successful German-speaking voice actors. He is known as the German dubbed voice of Robert De Niro, for voice-overs on documentaries, and as a reader and performer of audio books which he publishes through his own audio book publishing house, Parlando. Brückner has received many awards for his work, including the Grimme Award in 1990. In his latest project the exceptionally gifted actor tells Herman Melville’s story of the whaling ship Pequod. The ship’s captain, Ahab, is engaged in a desperate, lonely hunt spurred by blind hatred to take vengeance on the white whale Moby Dick, which once tore off Ahab’s leg. – Brückner’s partner in this concert reading is Elbtonal Percussion, an ensemble from Hamburg that captivates audiences with its drums, cymbals, and gongs from around the world, marimbas and vibraphones, and the equally breathtaking and virtuoso sounds drawn from classical music, jazz, world music, new music, rock, and drum & bass.

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