Benjamin Schaefer Quartett


Stone Flowers (working title)

Composer, piano: Benjamin Schaefer

The other players will be announced after the season begins.

Prices: 10 Euro

Benjamin Schaefer, pianist and composer, was our first stART artist whose specialty was jazz. Now we’re eager to find out what he’s done in the meantime, and we’ve invited him to Leverkusen with his current project. It’s so new that there is hardly any information about it, but the unusual instrumentation sounds very promising: soprano to subcontrabass flute, tuba, piano/Rhodes piano, and drums. “The name ‘Stone Flowers’ is inspired in part by my favorite record from Antonio Carlos Jobim, and even more so, by the contradictory concepts that are joined in the title,” as Benjamin Schaefer explains the current working title. With respect to instrumentation, he says: “This combination of instruments creates fascinating aural impressions between acoustic and quasi-electronic, synthesizer-like sounds.”

We’ll provide more details on our website and in our brochure after the season begins.

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