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Baryshnikov Arts Center: Framing Time


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“Framing Time” is a combination performance of dance, music, and light that premiered in autumn 2018 at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York. This exceptional evening is the result of a development that began in February 2015 when pianist Pedja Muzijevic, working at the Banff Centre in Canada, invited lighting designer and stage builder Burke Brown to frame “Triadic Memories,” the concert by Morton Feldman. The initial plan for an evening of solo piano alongside traditional concert lines evolved significantly in fall 2016: dancers and the choreographer Cesc Gelabert were asked to visualize the sounds. With “Framing Time,” Feldman’s minimalist, mysterious music fuses into an ensemble of colors and light as well as succinct, intensely poetic movement sequences. Don’t miss the German and European premiere of this remarkable artistic gem.

“Framing Time” is not part of the DANCE subscription.

German and European Premiere

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